The Importance of Context in Song Interpretation

Context Is Everything When It Comes To Understanding Song Lyrics
A song lyric taken out of context can create a controversial reaction. For instance, when Patti Smith sings about a rock and roll nigger in her song, “Rock And Roll Nigger,” she is not making a prejudice statement against African Americans. On the other hand, Patti Smith is using a derogatory term in order to turn the meaning on its head. Moreover, Smith uses this word to explain the role of the artist in society.

Learning How To Successfully Interpret A Song
On the one Read the rest of this entry »

Style Over Substance: Top Five Most Meaningless Songs

Style Over Substance: Top Five Most Meaningless Songs

A great song connects the listener with the words and music in one simultaneous instant. In other words, a song affects people within the first few moments of hearing it. From the first few moments of a song, the listener is transported to a place beyond reality. Additionally, our emotions run wild and when get a chill down the back of our neck. This is the power of a great song. Some examples include “Yesterday” by Read the rest of this entry »

Top Five Most Difficult Songs to Interpret

Artists have always produced songs that have deep meaning and not so deep meaning. Some artists clearly portray what a song is about, while others do not. Sometimes listeners are clueless as to the very words in the song.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana has very few decipherable words in it. Most people can only understand the brief excerpts from the chorus “Here we are now, entertain us. I feel stupid and contagious.”

“Give it Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is similar, with listeners Read the rest of this entry »

Alanis Morisette

You may have heard more Alanis Morisette on your Direct Star TV channels recently and that’s because she’s really making a comeback. We’ve got the scoop on her song “Needed to Leave” which was on her 2006 LP:
“I always wanted for you what you wanted for yourself and I wanted to save you”this line is reportedly about her ex, another famous star, whom she was trying to “save” from himself as he spiraled out of control into drugs and alcohol.
“That particular month love, it challenged me to wait”this line refers to the way in which romantic love sometimes keeps people (namely Alanis) in relationships longer than they would otherwise stay.
“And in the meantime I lost myselfI’m sorry I lost myself, I am.”this is Alanis’ recognition that she lost who she was in a struggle to keep her romantic partner happy. She is apologizing because it is widely acknowledged that it’s impossible to please someone else when you’re not pleasing yourself.
Alanis has some really good insights in one of her most poignant, personal songs to date.

Hidden Meanings: Interpreting Even the Most Difficult Song Lyrics

Ever wondered what your favorite song is really about? Is the melody catchy but the lyrics impossible to decipher? Here are some simple things you can look for that will help you interpret your favorite songs. You can start out by doing a little research. When was the song written? Did anything happen during that time that might have influenced the song? Look for clues in the song-s lyrics that might reference specific events. After you have done some background work, return to the song lyrics and see if you can pick out a story Read the rest of this entry »

Song Lyrics: Just Poetry With a Kick?

The connection between song lyrics and poetry has to be taken on an artist by artist and song by song basis. Early rock and roll was full of doo wop groups whose hits were totally devoid of poetic lyrics. The words of songs such as Little Richards- “Tutti Frutti’ or The Beatles- “She Loves You’ can certainly not stand on their own as poetry, yet the songs were huge hits for the respective artists. The melody, beat and energy drove these songs, not their lyrics. At the other end of the spectrum are the Read the rest of this entry »

Using Symbolism and Semantics in Song Interpretation

Lyrics, whether to a forlorn love song, or a party anthem, are not merely vocal accompaniment to the melody, but often stand alone as poetry in itself. Well written lyrics are just like some of the great poems of our time: difficult to interpret, but not impossible.

Artists often create songs based upon meaningful events in their own lives or in reflection of the zeitgeist of the times. One key thing to look for in songs are symbols hidden within the lyrics. Look for proper nouns or names that may stand in for a larger thematic element.Get more information here. References Read the rest of this entry »

Ten Easy Steps to Interpreting Your Favorite Songs

1. Look at the title. This can often give you clues about what the artist is trying to say.
2. Listen to the lyrics for the story the artist wants to tell.
3. Find out what else might have been going on at the time that might have influenced the song.
4. Read any liner notes the artist might have written about the song.
5. Listen to how the words match the music. Are the lyrics happy but the music Read the rest of this entry »

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